Welcome to the South East of England Phototherapy Network

We in the Photodermatology Unit of St.John’s Institute of Dermatology, have created the Network in order to link together and provide support for Phototherapy Practitioners in London and South East. We are happy to have members from further afield as well.

We have changed from being an informal support support network to a full Managed Clinical Network. This means that we have a steering group, who agree and set Clinical Standards to define a minimal acceptable level of patient care. We then organise annual audits of participating units to see if they are meeting the standards. For units who have problems meeting standards we can provide support and help, and for units who meet all the standards this is obviously a reassuring check.We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of our members to join in. Click here, for a detailed description of how the Managed Clinical Network works.

We hope you find the network useful. Please click here if you would like your department to become a member. Below you can see a map of our members.

Map showing location of units across the country

Map showing location of member units in the South East

You are also welcome to download our latest evidence based phototherapy protocols, our pre-assessment forms, our practical guide to MPDs and MEDs and our latest information leaflets on PUVA, TLO1 and broadband UVB, that we use in St.John’s. There are also the British Photodermatology Group Guidelines for dosimetry and calibration in ultraviolet radiation therapy (2002) which can be downloaded and information about the calibration service provided by St.Thomas Hospital Medical Physics Department. You will also find information about our courses and updates.

Recently the BAD formed a working party to agree a set of minimum standards for phototherapy provision. Please click on this link for further information.

Best Wishes

Nichola Mair, Phototherapy Research Nurse and South East of England Network Project Coordinator

Trish Garibaldinos, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Head of Phototherapy St.John’s Institute of Dermatology.

Bob Sarkany, Head of Photodermatology, St.John’s Institute of Dermatology